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Yep. That's me with my 1950s era Philco Predicta a few years ago in my office at Indiana University.

I'm either off working on one of my other websites, consulting or training something or someone, or in Mongolia trying to learn Khoemii.

Look for information on mass media marketing, Mongolian music making, and many more magnicifent marvels manifesting mostly monthly.

Meanwhile you can read one of my favorite authored articles HERE.

Or you can listen to me on the radio talking about my first job, with Herb Jepko and the Nitecaps, HERE.

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My Philosophy of "Teaching"

I have a passion for “learning environment creation” and true “education” (drawing out answers from within). My Philosophy of Learning (or “Not*Teaching” or "Not*Consulting)) is derived to a large degree from Jerry Harvey's work at George Washington University, and especially his article titled “Learning to Not*Teach”.

Recent clients and trainees, as well as students in my college classes, generally report that they find themselves in an information rich environment, full of support materials including textbooks, videos, role playing scenarios, academic journals, the popular press, and the web.  They also find themselves confronted by powerful questions with few, if any, easy to find “answers.”  They are encouraged to work in teams, to support and to learn from each other.  “Cheating” is defined not so much as “stealing the answer from another student” as it is the “failure to share what you know freely and unconditionally with your peers.”  The degree to which educational institutions and corporations create an environment of individual competition measured against the relative failure of one’s peers, is the degree to which, in my experience, we disserve institutions of both commerce and public service whose success largely depends on the creation of a true team.  

Student grades and trainee performance evaluations are based not so much on what they are able to recite back to me that I have “taught them,” but rather on what I experience as having learned from them. 

In this environment, I find each consulting or class day exciting, am eager for the students to arrive, am generally thrilled by their work and very seldom find the need to resort to a “lecture” or any other didactic method, especially after the first two to three weeks of the semester. 

My goal in serving students is aimed at a target 30 years away, one inside their minds (and hearts) such that, as they look back on all they have learned though the prism of a lifetime’s professional career, their experience in my class or training session will have proved to be of the most lasting value.

I believe the only legitimate goal of any business, is to:

“So exceed the expectations of the consumer that they experience an emotional reaction of delight, and become, unpaid salespersons for the product or service.”

This is the goal I set for myself as well, to so exceed the expectations of my students that they are delighted, become evangelists for positive word-of-mouth for both my courses and the college.


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